***ATTENTION*** Are You Currently Suffering From Inner Trauma & Pain...? If So, This NEW Discovery Reveals...
Finally Heal
Blocking You From 
Achieving Peace 
Are you going through a hard time right now...? 

Is your mind, spirit and body feeling littered with negative and alarming news events every single day involving panic, fear, and outright chaos...?


When you go to bed at night, do you find yourself wrestling with unpleasant thoughts from the past or the major fear, worry, and uncertainty of the future...?



If your mind can't stop buzzing and racing with negative, overwhelming feelings from past traumatic events...


You were already enduring stress, and anxiety before... but, now...

Your mind is anything but at peace...

It’s a constant whirl of negative thoughts and emotions.

It's as though a 'monkey mind' has taken over.


If you are like most people you probably feel like there is never enough of the things that truly matter in your life right now. 

Am I right?

Important things... such as peace, calmness, stability and unwavering love.

The things you really can't put a price on because they go so far beyond any value we as humans could ever comprehend.



While I know that you are atleast somewhat aware spiritually, you still haven’t completely found the exact answers you seek...

You have yet to feel the way you want to feel on a daily basis…

Your emotions may be sporadic and rise with the dawn as they fall with the setting sun...

And it's still as though you have not awoke from a bad dream!

Your body is awake and functioning on a hazy auto-pilot, while your soul is sleeping at the wheel...

These issues won’t go away until you address their root cause...

These negative thoughts and feelings don’t appear out of thin air...

Do they?

As long as you keep yourself from understanding the cause of your insecurities, achieving happiness will always be next to impossible.

After studying, journeying within, and speaking to thousands of my students, as well as coaches and top gurus in the personal development and self help spaces...

I've finally distilled my greatest discoveries into this one incredible offer that has the ability to transform the way you view yourself, your relationships, and the miracle of this mysterious yet majestic life that unfolds around you with each and every blessed second, minute or hour.

And inside, the root cause of negativity will be revealed, turned inside out and redefined as something powerless, familiar, yet conquered.

I will give a litle hint what that is...

You might know it very well, as I have...


You see...

Trauma is damage caused to your mind, body, and soul due to distressing and even highly distressing experiences.

It’s what makes you feel anxious, stressed, scared, sad, fearful of the future, in pain and even eventually depressed.

Simply because you are not 'one' with yourself any longer.

There is something in this trauma that comes between you and your true self.

'Where did such a horrible state of being originate from,' you may ask yourself if you don't know already... 

Trauma Grows From Sources Including:

  • Unpleasant Childhood Memories
  • ​Unhealed Emotional Scars
  • Conflicts with friends or family members
  • ​Financial Problems
  • ​Stormy Divorces/Break-ups
  • ​Stressful Career/Job
  • ​A Mind That Overthinks Everything
  • ​The Untimely Loss of a Loved One
  • ​The Intense Fear of the Near Future
  • ​And much more... 

What Happens If You Keep Allowing Trauma To Eat You From The Inside Out...?

  • You might seek solace in ADDICTIONS like drugs, alcohol, binge eating, or even murder (among many other bad ideas)... only to hate yourself later for falling into this ugly and persistent life-trap!
  • The people you love might be NEGATIVELY AFFECTED by your trauma, and grow more disconnected from you daily (as your relationships slowly crumble)!
  • DARK THOUGHTS could begin to invade your mind (or they already are) when you’re alone... pulling you ever further into a netherworld of despair.


Guess what ...?

I DO have good news for you!

Let me reassure you that it doesn’t have to be this way for even a minute longer... 

All the previous pain and torment is needless.

There is a new hope!

There is a new answer!

Because pain, suffering and deep inner trauma can now be healed once-and-for-all from the inside-out


For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

I Want You To Imagine Yourself... Finally Free From All The Doubt, Anxiety, Stress, Inner Pain and Trauma. I Want You To Feel warm, vibrant, loving, courageous and full of energy at the same time... 

Completely FREE From All That Holds You Back Right Now From Being The Person You Want To Be... 

And From Living The Life You Want To Live... 

And From Simply Being As HAPPY And LIBERATED As You Could Possibly Be... 


You will have all of this as soon as you awaken To Who You Truly Are Right Now... 
  • You'll feel much less stress when facing challenging situations.
  • You'll no longer have to take prescribed medicine for anxiety.
  • ​You'll perform better at work, find it more rewarding than ever, and advance in your career as a result.
  • ​You'll no longer fall prey to negative thoughts and feelings of depression when you are alone.
  • ​You'll finally gather the willpower to stop drinking, binge eating, causing pain, shopping compulsively, or any other addiction that hinders the mind intensely.
  • ​You'll wake up every morning feeling excited and filled with hope for the day ahead, instead of dread.
  • ​You'll learn to love yourself and experience the joy of living each and every day to the fullest.
  • ​You'll achieve true inner peace and happiness as you transmit it to others as well.

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

Everyone faces hardships in their lives...

I get that, and I'm no different from anyone else.

I've had to overcome a massive amount of my own inner trauma and pain.

However some people overcome their hardships and go on to live fulfilling lives...

While everyone else, sadly, collapses under the weight of theirs.

And with so much hidden, untapped potential!

What do you think the difference is?

It’s the ability to heal from one’s trauma and move on to better things.

Why stay focused on the negative...


You are not alone in your struggle.

Many other people feel the same way that you do right now. 

Take me, and my own story for example...

Because I've Been There Too...

Hi there, I'm Matthew Donnelly...

Let me tell you a little bit about the reason why I created this spiritual journey that has the power to heal your internal pain forever entitled, 'Universoul Awakening: Revamped'.

You see...

At the age of 19, my stepmother introduced me to the world of multi-level marketing (mlm). 

I soon found myself running a "business" together with her and my father. This led to a lot of mentally-draining fights over bad investment decisions.

We later realized, contrary to all the hype, that MLM was not the golden road to our dreams. 

You see...

Our desire for money actually drove a wedge between us.

Life was painful at home.

I needed an escape and I quickly found it... 

From the age of 19 to 24, I did nothing but drink and party excessively... 

Needless to say, that whirlpool of indulgence left me emotionally wrecked. 

I had no job and no prospects for the future. No relationship I could turn to for support either.

My trauma was growing deeper with each passing day... 

It was born from feelings of shame, regret, and loneliness.

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

I figured that any change in my life would have to start from within me. 

I decided that I had ENOUGH.

I landed a job at my father's labor union and started reading every personal development book I could get my hands on. 

I educated myself on marketing and started a personal brand to keep myself accountable. 

This marked the start of my entrepreneurial journey.

I met a filmmaker and we worked together on a film project...

Only for it to completely fail when it was launched! 

Crushed by that fiasco, I went back home to re-evaluate my life. 

My trauma was still haunting me.

As I dove deeper into spiritual teachings and began looking within, a realization dawned on me... 

I was purely pursuing money.

Which would never heal the suffering I was feeling inside. 

What I needed in my life was not riches... it was peace.


Even if you reach the top of the world and obtain everything you have been working towards... 

Trauma will still haunt you there.


What you need, above all, is to free yourself from:
- Stress  
- Negative Thoughts & Feelings
- Addictions
- Past Wounds (Inner & Outer)
- Fear Of The Future
- And much more...  

The key is to heal your trauma in a secret yet fundamental way.

A way that I show you in detail inside my new ebook, 'Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now?'

Once I started researching and learning ancient wisdom—desperately needed in our trying modern times, I learned what was holding me back.

I learned to love myself. 

I learned to heal my trauma and achieve a state of inner tranquility.

I then discovered my calling: teaching other people about spirituality, elevating consciousness and healing their trauma. 

I knew that was my purpose in life, and I’ve been pursuing it ever since...

I’m sure you've gone through several pretty BIG failures and disappointments before.

And I'm here to tell you that it's okay... it's normal.

But, you don’t have to keep living like this...


Healing is now possible.


You can be freed from your trauma and all the stress, fear, and anxiety that comes with it...

You no longer have to feel lost and disconnected...


Universoul Awakening 
Who Am I right Now?

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !


'Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now?' is the spiritual road map to guide you in the specific direction of who you truly are so that you can heal your trauma once and for all with these transcendant teachings!

In this special ebook, you'll receive an extensive array of spiritual knowledge and practices to help you understand your trauma and rediscover yourself so you can come to terms with all that is ailing you on the inside.

Look back on your past and present to accept yourself. 

I will show you how to understand your trauma throughly and start the healing process towards a meaningful and empowered life of brightness, positity and purpose.

And by knowing who you are right now you will see that you are not the trauma that plagues you.

Trauma runs deep into the cells and DNA of your body, and healing requires an expansion of your consciousness...

Now, here is something I want to make clear…

It is truly NOT your fault that you have trauma!

Please, stop and recognize that right now.

Once you recognize the trauma dwelling within you, do not blame yourself for having it. 

Everyone carries some sort of trauma within themselves.

The reason for that is that there are many factors in our world that facilitate the development of trauma in people. (You will understand what these factors are once you read this new ebook...)

However, it is your responsibility to make sure that you heal from trauma.

No one else is going to do it for you (well, maybe except me)

Look... if you want to live a fulfilling life.

It's never been more possible than right now in this present moment for you!

It’s not easy though...

It requires a lot of inner journeying... 

Along with the willingness to do whatever it takes to be healed and to wake up from your own trauma.

Here is some very good news...

The 'Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now?' ebook is your playbook to guide you every step of the way towards inner peace and a freedom unshackled by your trauma, stress, anxiety and inner turmoil. 

You deserve better, and I want nothing more than to give it to you here and now!

Imagine what it would feel like if this HUGE weight of stress, anxiety, tension, and restlessness suddenly dropped in an instant after learning some earth shattering concepts...


After finding your soul was sleeping for so long that it forgot what it was like to live untethered from the limits of the physical world around you. 

It's time to awaken your soul to a brave new world of inner peace, self-love and happiness!

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

hear What Readers Have to Say:
Asuna says, "I have always struggled with anxiety this is helping me gain my courage, vitality, and stability."

"Matthew’s eBook is a sublime way of keeping yourself focused on the subject of spirituality, meditation, and understanding where your trauma comes from and how to heal it. His lessons are fundamental to understanding the significance of healing our trauma and how we can attain ultimate joy! It has helped me broaden my insights and strengthened my determination, easily and effectively, to incorporate meditation and relaxation on a daily basis to live a fulfilled life. I have always struggled with anxiety... this is helping me gain my courage, vitality, and stability, moment after moment. I look forward to reading or hearing more from Matthew's content! I can't thank you enough my friend. All the best wishes!"

– Asuna
At The Age of 60, Cheryl Finally Broke Free From Her Inner Trauma After Years Of Self-Loathing!

"After reading Universoul Awakening: Who Am I Right Now?' I had so many epiphanies about my life. I want to thank you for sharing this gift of yours. I felt every word and was completely amazed at how you put into words all I could not. I am a 60 years old and in the middle of my awakening. But I wanted to thank you for affirming my thoughts and the fact that it took trauma to bring about my birth. I view it like this as it is truly the path we are all meant to find in this lifetime. Peace is the ultimate goal. I really look forward to all of your work. Here’s to the beginning of what I know without a doubt is a journey home! Blessings to you and many thanks once again. You have helped me in so many ways gain a healthier perspective of myself and the world."

– Cheryl Penticoff
Demetrius Applied Universoul Awakening And Recovered From Massive Inner Pain, Depression, and Daily Alcohol Abuse!

"Ever since my mother died last year, I went into a great depression and began to drink hard alcohol daily. Some times I would even blackout and would continue the process the next time I woke up. Since I met Matthew, words cannot describe how much he has helped me straighten myself out. I no longer feel that I need alcohol to get by this deep depression I once felt. I Highly recommend him for helping with whatever you're going through."

– Demetrius Clemons
Will Discovered The Reason For His Overwhelming Stress At Work!

"As a video editor I sometimes spend 8-10 hours straight editing videos for my clients, and all of it overwhelms me trying to get multiple projects done at once. If I do not take on enough projects then I have extreme financial difficulties. I had been constantly overwhelmed and stressed until Matthew helped me tremendously showing me that it was less about my responsibilities and more about healing my trauma. His eBook is HIGHLY recommended."

- Will Engle
Wayne Went From Being A Homeless Alcoholic In Pain... To A Joyful & Productive Member of Society!

"I have quite a troubled past which culminated in six months of being homeless, alienated from all I had previously loved, alone in the streets and addicted to alcohol. This caused massive trauma, whilst I didn't see it for what it was back then fully I often describe it as if I had died on those streets to be immediately reborn afterward. After this very profound shift of consciousness, I wandered around until I came back to society for various reasons but didn't find anyone who liked me there. Even around my family, I often felt alone. Thankfully, Matthew was one of the first people I found that has changed that feeling of aloneness. Matthew's wisdom and insight helped me understand myself and be at peace, which has healed me of my trauma. His eBook is highly recommended."

– Wayne Turton
Anthony James Ended Up Overcaming His Intense Social Anxiety & Learned To Love Interacting With People!

“During my senior year in high school, I was bullied, which has led to a series of issues throughout my life. After facing insecurity issues, low self-esteem, and major anxiety, I found it at times very difficult to engage with people in the world, even my own family. I would say I was quite introverted and hated to socialize. Over time, Matthew has taught me to love myself, as well as knowing what my purpose is. I've held deep conversations on the point we bring to this universe as human beings and discarding the belief that there is no point in life. I highly recommend his eBook to anyone who is going through anxiety, stress, mourning, and abuse of some sort.”

– Anthony James

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

What Universoul Awakening is NOT

  • This book is NOT a new set of beliefs (although it might shift yours).
  • This book is NOT a new set of opinions (although it might challenge yours).
  • This book is NOT a new set of ideologies ( although it may transform yours).
  • ​This book is NOT a new set of perspectives (although it will change your perspective).
  • ​This book is NOT for you to collect information to intellectually be smarter.
  • ​This book is NOT for you if you are completely at ease with everything in your life right now.

What Universoul Awakening Is:

  • A collection of ancient but forgotten wisdom to enhance your thoughts
  • An invitation to examine and understand yourself like never before
  • A guide to awakene from past conditioning and re-program your mind.
  • A playbook to start healing from your inner pain and trauma
  • ​And so much more!
Universoul Awakening is Only for you if…
  • You are currently struggling with inner pain, insecurities or low self-esteem.
  • Your career/job causes you immense stress and dread.
  • You are still grieving from the loss of a loved one and don't know where to turn.
  • You can’t give up an addiction, but you know you should.
  • You need narcotic medicine to get through the day.
  • ​You never feel comfortable when you’re left alone or start thinking too deeply.
  • ​You are still chained by your past in some negative way, especially by painful experiences or failed relationships.
  • ​You feel alienated from your friends, family and loved ones for one reason or another.
  • ​You feel that there is not much point in life anymore.

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !


If You want to break free from Your Inner struggles nOW...

This Solution Provides the Spiritual Journey For Healing Your Trauma & Seeing Through Clear Eyes Again!

Here's Just Part Of What You Will Discover Inside:

1. Why your trauma is building up—you’re missing the diamond in your pocket and the gold that you’re sitting on (this is directly related to knowing who you are)!
2. Why your purpose and your trauma are interconnected. By knowing what your purpose is you can be better equipped to be healed from your trauma!
3. Why people try to drain your energy, and what to do about energy vampires!
4. The #1 root cause of all of your suffering and how to free yourself from it (Hint: It's related to how to trauma is stored)!
5. How to feel fulfilled even when you're alone (and how much alone time is optimal for you)!
6. How to use your thoughts and identity to process your suffering and start healing (and they already influence you when you are not aware...)!
7. How to achieve genuine compassion so that you can forgive others (and why forgiveness heals your soul)!
8. Why you feel so disconnected and insecure (and what you need to do to cultivate confidence and a deeper connection with life)!
9. How waking up from trauma helps you simultaneously wake up to life itself!
10. See how society conditions you to accumulate trauma as a natural phenomenon!
11. Why popular advice for loving yourself is actually deepening your trauma - not healing it (I'll show you how to love yourself to achieve true and lasting healing)!
12. How healing your trauma positively affects the people you love and benefits the world as a whole!
13. Why denying your insecurities keeps you in a loop of pain and endless suffering!
14. Why the way you view death can either add to or release you from unwanted stress!
15. What attachment truly means, and why it leads to your ultimate suffering!
16. How commercials, movies, and social media are designed to put you under a spell of mindlessness which only leads to pain. (We'll cover specific pain-inducing marketing techniques and how to deal with them for greater healing)!
17. How to harness the power of conscious choices to take back control and drastically change your life!
18. How your mind has been conditioned to keep you in a constant state of unease (Understanding this is essential to finding freedom)!
19. Why you can't seem to let go of the past that's haunting you (and how to finally find relief)!
20. What happiness is and how to find the true source of happiness beyond opinions and perspectives!
21. Why emptiness isn't something to be afraid of (In fact, it's important feedback that points you towards greater healing)!
22. Why feelings of superiority and inferiority towards other people both come from unhealed trauma (Seeing through to the truth of positions breaks the chains that trauma has on you)!
23. Why you turn to food, sex, drugs, or alcohol any time you feel stressed, anxious, or fearful!
24. How road rage is connected to your trauma and how to never feel it again (...you're not upset for the reason you think)!
25. Why do your spending habits often go hand in hand with your unhealed trauma? (It's the key to saving more money)!
26. Why popular meditation practices can be unknowingly harmful (I'll teach you how to meditate to reach and unfathomable and unimaginable bliss)!
27. How your ego and your trauma are linked. (You'll understand what ego truly is and it can help you heal from trauma)!
28. How to recognize both the unhealed and healed trauma controlling your actions. (It's why you might be self-sabotaging)!
29. Why resisting pain is bad for you (and how feeling it helps you heal the trauma)!
30. What the Word “God” and your Unhealed Trauma have in common. (Not religious, and yet extremely important regarding being healed)!
31. Why conditional love is keeping you stuck in trauma (and how to vibrate the unconditional love you need to fully heal)!
32. How to reach absolute and ultimate bliss (even if you've been suffering all your life)!
33. Why living in fear is the root cause of your trauma (and what factors are causing you to live in fear right now)!
34. What's keeping your trapped in a never-ending cycle of running from pain and towards pleasure (and how to free yourself from it)!

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !


*Now With 6 Exclusive New Bonuses For Free!

BONUS #1 - Underlying Themes of Suffering 

Presented by Brian... Learning the importance of how an inner revolution is necessary for dark times, the human suffering and how to overcome it with presence. Know that you don’t have to be a highly educational person or of any exceptional knowledge to end your internal pain taught by Brian Satori Piergrossi. 

BONUS #2- What is Self Love?

Presented by Crystale... Understand the importance of self-love. But, not just the importance of self-love, know how to establish real self-love by expanding conscious awareness taught by Crystale Boisvert. 

BONUS #3 - What is Spirituality?

Presented By Matthew... This word is thrown around a lot, especially in spiritual communities. This is a breakdown of what spirituality actually is and how it can help you find deeper levels of peace.

BONUS #4 - Understanding Fear

Presented By Matthew... So many human beings are plagued with fear. Fear is creating an anchoring deep stress, anxiety and tension inside which is why the focal of this bonus is to understand fear and how to move deeply into it so you can go through it.

BONUS #5 - Emptiness vs. Void & Insecurity

Presented By Matthew... There is a world wide painful attachment to the word emptiness. Almost as if emptiness and is this insecurity we have from within. When when you understand the true nature of emptiness and how to move into it, you will better understand how to move through your insecurities. 

BONUS #6 - Why The Present Moment is Timeless

Presented By Matthew... So often we think of the present moment as a part of time in that it comes after the past and before future. But because we unconsciously take that as an assumption it is keeping us from finding real peace. Find why the present moment is actually timeless and how this knowing will bring deeper satisfaction from within. 

For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

About The Author:

Matthew Scott Donnelly was born and raised in Indiana, USA. At the age of 24, Matthew realized how unhappy—and even tormented—he was after living life under the spell of his vices and impulses.

Matthew decided to dedicate his heart and soul to personal development. One year later, he transitioned from basic personal growth teachings to the deeper realm of spirituality.

Matthew is now 30 and his life mission is to help people grow spiritually. He keeps exploring the path of awakening and uses his marketing skills to spread Spiritual and Consciousness related material to the rest of the world. He recently published his eBook, Audiobook, & Digital Course entitled, “Universoul Awakening” and is helping people heal from their traumas and reach peace of mind.
Hear What Some Of Our Readers Have To Say!

Will You Be Next?

Esther Zabanal says, “I am far happier now and peaceful with the help of Matthew's wisdom”!

“Throughout a lot of my life my days would be characterized by anxieties, distractions from the past, being unable to cope with constant changes which would keep me overwhelmed, and not able to function to be productive as much as I can. Pressures of being a single parent/breadwinner took its toll on me. The failed relationships I see now had been caused by a controlling attitude and unmet expectations. I see in Matthew this calm attitude towards life which is something I would like to emulate. Matthew spoke much about why our most important concern in this lifetime is to heal trauma and has shown me a deep knowledge of spirituality and similar subjects. After reading his eBook, I transitioned to a point where I was no longer affected by my trauma and I started to discover in myself the importance of healing. Yes, his eBook helped me heal and let go of everything that doesn't serve me. I am far happier now and peaceful with the help of Matthew's wisdom.”

– Esther Zabanal
Gabriela Lipson says, "I laughed with unbridled joy during the moment of transcending my trauma"!

“Matthew brings magic into his work!! Words cannot describe the profound outcome after reading Matthew's eBook. There were many moments as I read his eBook where everything clicked. I felt my whole brain and body shift. I felt complete ease, peace, and grace. After reading his eBook, I have been less reactive and more conscious of my environment. All my friends notice it too, a total shift in awareness. I knew it in my heart because I laughed with unbridled joy during the moment of transcending my trauma. If it's the last thing you do, get and read and digest his eBook deeply and thoroughly!”

– Gabriela Lipson
Kelli Born was grieving the loss of her husband before she discovered Universoul Awakening!

“Matthew Scott Donnelly has been a very positive influence in my journey in life as he shares great wisdom and many insights that lead to a better understanding of how to heal our trauma. His eBook has many golden nuggets of profound truth that helped me through the grieving period of losing my husband to Alzheimer's disease. I can't recommend his valuable words of wisdom highly enough. I guarantee you will come away with a deeper awareness and understanding of how to heal through life.”

– Kelli Born

"30-Day Risk Free Money-Back GUARANTEE!"

The value contained in this eBook has the potential to turn your life around in a positive and exciting new way. However, I still want to keep it as affordable as possible so I can get it in the hands of the people who truly can benefit from its core principles. So... I'm giving You my special 30-day money-back guarantee! If, for any reason, you don’t see the transformation you're looking for in yourself and the way you view your life around you, then I’ll give you a 100% refund of your money. There are absolutely zero-risks involved for you - I want to take on all the risk so you never have to!!!

Frequently Asked Questions


For A Limited Time $97! Only $7 !

P.S. You will get instant access to a new and liberating experience that has the power to set you Free from all your inner trauma and give you the peace you deserve. This 'Universoul Awakening' + 6 Bonuses is now only $7! So you can finally turn your life into the rewarding, calm, and joyful one that you deserve. Grab this now before we absoluetly MUST raise the price back to $97 (which could be any day)!
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